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The Company

Finder Financials specializes in financial analysis services and solutions. We perform these activities and implement our solutions globally for all areas of industry as well as government, healthcare, financial institutions, Shared Service Centers and multi-site stock listed internationals.

Finder Financials was founded by Xavier Hucklenbruch and Olivier de Buysere. As well as the entire team, both founders have an extensive background in high-end ICT and/or the financial analysis industry.

The company was founded with the express purpose to help create clarity and order in finance and purchasing departments, be that in their SSC or head offices, and to do so with a rock solid commitment to service and quality.

Finder Financials started out by offering accounts payable services and over the years has expanded, offering a wide range of financial analysis services and solutions.

In order to better serve our clients, next to the Belgium based office, Finder Financials has established a second fully functional site in Romania in January 2015.


Finder Financials takes its security responsibilities very serious and guarantees that any data is secure at all times.

Facts & Figures

  • 2 office locations
  • 1.5 Million individual clients and suppliers master data cleansed and validated
  • + 800 Billion Euro analyzed data
  • + 70 customers/references
  • 17 countries where our activities were deployed

Corporate Social Responsibility

Finder Financials is aware that each company has a corporate responsibility towards society and the environment. It's for this reason that Finder Financials has decided to support one or more charities each year. In order to partially offset the carbon released into the environment as a result of our air travel, Finder Financials has pledged to plant a tree for each flight that a member of its staff undertakes.


To service our ever growing international clientele, Finder Financials welcomes motivated individuals
with a passion for financial analysis services and solutions.

Interested in joining our team? Please send your CV and motivation letter to either
jobs.be@finderfinancials.com or jobs.ro@finderfinancials.com.



Accounts Payable Analysis

Finder Financials identifies and recovers all types of possible transactional and procedural errors made in the payments. Our unique and flexible approach allows us to perform all of our activities at our client’s preferred on-site location. Data security is therefore complete.

Contract Compliance

Large companies have many thousands of contracts from their thousands of suppliers. New and complex contracts are made up, old get renewed, addendums are added and much more, making it very challenging to make sure each supplier is adhering 100% to each clause of their contracts. We investigate all of them, detect pricing inconsistencies, rebates and various other items.

Unclaimed Property

In certain parts of the world (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico) governments have decreed that if certain monies cannot be returned to their rightful source, they should be, after a period of time, transferred to the government. It is then the job of these dedicated offices to return the unclaimed assets to the rightful owner. In practice, this is not happening. We find out for you if your company has unclaimed funds and recover these on your behalf.

Master Data Management

Finder Financials assists her clients in complex master data management issues such as the cleansing, harmonization and integration needs conform internal rules and regulations globally. Your business relies on accurate data. Improve your efficiency by reducing data pollution and benefit from the savings by having your databases verified, enriched, cleansed and up to date.

Stock Forecasting

Reduce your stock levels and optimize its costs through better planning and forecasting. Finder Financials offers a unique stock forecasting service that allow you to save resources and use them more effectively.


Be more cost effective. Finder Financials offers the opportunity to place some of your finance and master data management FTE’s under our management. Our vast experience with outsourcing has made it able for us to integrate “your” new staff into your global setup without any difficulties while maintaining and improving quality and with good cost advantages.

Total Savings Campaigns

Every little helps. All of Finder Financials services are geared to improve efficiency resulting in a wide range of savings. A full program is undertaken to reach a set goal of savings per year using a custom combination of our services.

Statement Checks

Find out what is really going on. A full statement check brings multiple lost assets and forgotten items to light, issues are solved and clarity is restored for both supplier and client.

Best Practice Consulting

Learn from the experience of others. Given the exposure that Finder Financials has to the finance and procurement departments, it is inevitable that we know best practice. Through a series of in-depth reports, recommendations and overviews, the best practice knowledge is implemented to further increase the overall efficiency in your organization.


Finder Forecasting

Manage your stock levels better, optimize stock costs and still avoid stock outs. Finder forecasting offers a revolutionary stock forecasting tool that allows current inventory savings up to 20%, highlights transferable items and shows the true current and future stock items need.

Duplicate Payment Prevention Application

You will be able to fix detected anomalies and run fully customizable reports at your own will and keep it all in house. Finder Financials trains your people and stands with you as you check your own data. The proven 4th generation state of the art software application uses a 256-Bit encryption to even more safeguard your data at all times. Speak to us, we have the tool you need.

Master Data Management Tool

Finder Financials provides data management software solutions for all master client and vendor data activities. After a thorough training, all cleansing, harmonization and reporting projects are just a few clicks away. Benefit now from the new Finder Financials way of working in our own secure environment.

Document Digitalization and Storage

A paper archive is a nightmare in more ways than one. Items get lost on a regular basis and it takes forever to retrieve the right document. Finder Financials digitalizes all of the paperwork and stores it away. Have your invoices in seconds, save the space and have the mountains of paper destroyed and recycled.

Integrated Supplier Invoice Database

Do away with paper invoices, do away processing invoices all together. Let your supplier enter his own invoices directly into your own system, let them follow your own procedures on your own terms and factor them if you so choose to.




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